Zuccherodesign Introduce the Exceptional Ibiza Living Style

Zucchero Architects is uniquely positioned to create and bring to life avant garde houses and dwellings. Most importantly, we are able to bring substance and shape to the Exceptional Ibiza Living Style. We are sensitive to the emotional side of creating just the right property as our team of local talent has a personal knowledge of the land and its unique properties, but at the same time we are as cosmopolitan as you. We ask for the privilege of becoming your partner and steward as you start a fascinating journey to discover the mythical Ibiza Island.

Let us help you begin your personal quest to your very own place in the world.

Pablo Salon Zucchero is a member of the American Institute of Architects

Tree House Built in an Old Walnut Tree / California

Through digital photographs and exchanges of videos, Mr. Zucchero was the long distance Consultant Architect of this intricate , complicated and playful structure. The process of building this fantasy tree house was a challenge with every, step, window, wall, and balcony meeting unique and unpredictable divisions of trunk and branches.
The structure was blended into the tree using unpainted wood and many old and found doors and windows collected over time from treasure hunts around the US.
The tree house features a dining room and a queen size bed. Electricity is available as well as running water.The wide entry steps accommodate the largest of adults, providing a grand entry approach to the first outside patio level where this is a bar area and alfresco dining. The large tree trunk inside serves as a room divider.
A balcony is just outside the window next to the large bed. where two limbs are available for squirrels and birds to perch and provide the sounds of nature to those inside. The walls are lined with cedar and are fully insulated against the mild chill of California winters.

This project is the centerpiece structure of “Villa Carlotta” and was completed in only two months time with the dedication and expertise of California Master Carpenter , Albert Gutierrez, who took dreams, drawings and the imagination of owner and architect , and with hammer, nails, sweat and laughter created this one of a kind  tree house.

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